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All routes lead to “DESTINATION AKOSOMBO GHANA (DAG)” on October 21st, 2016

October 16th, 2016 | by Shina Aje
All routes lead to “DESTINATION AKOSOMBO GHANA (DAG)” on October 21st, 2016
Come October 21, 2016, the historic Ghanian town – Akosombo, will come alive once again, as it plays host to tourists and dignitaries from all around the world in a special destination creation event dubbed “Destination Akosombo Ghana (DAG)”.
Destination Akosombo Ghana (DAG) is a movement created by Motherland Beckons as a concerted effort to build a formidable platform for people of African descent and lovers of Africa throughout the world, a platform for them to bring in their wealth of experience and expertise in enhancing the development of the continent of Africa and also taking advantage of the many untapped opportunities in the continent to enhance themselves. The movement was discovered by the Ghana High Commission in Nigeria and was facilitated to Ghana.
This epoch-making event has got the strong support and collaborations of the Ghanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Regional Integration, Volta Hotel, Best Western Premier Hotel, Royal Senchi Hotel through the Ghana High Commission in collaboration with La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Motherland Beckons, Airtel Networks and Nigerian Ministry of Information & Culture.
Destination Akosombo Ghana (DAG) has five (5) major activations namely: Kamp Africa, YATE, CAER, Waki-Waki Show and Mare Carnival (Entofum – “which means don’t fall”).
KAMP AFRICA is a Pan-African educational project for children of Africa and children of lovers of Africa.
During the program the children will be exposed to African culture, in particular they will be taught folktales and traditional dances; they will learn to play African instruments, simulated African wedding and naming ceremonies in a fun-filled manner. They also will get to discover Africa and her warm hospitality.
YATE (YOUTH AFRICAN TOURISM EXPEDITION). Its sole aim is to encourage young African executives to travel within the continent of Africa and network as they are the builders of tomorrow’s Africa because without them knowing Africa, it will be difficult for them to build the continent.
CAER (CORPORATE AFRICAN ECO RETREAT). This has been established as a retreat and bonding exercise for corporate organizations to take place in an eco friendly African themed environment. Participants conduct such retreats in a serene African environment where they will have access to a variety of activities that include volley ball, basket ball, paint balling and other activities that are specifically designed to enhance team building.
It is hoped that these Retreats will benefits corporations via the increased effectiveness of their teams and productivity.
WAKI WAKI SHOW. This is a musical Jamboree designed to attract the world’s attention to African music. It will focus on the revival of African music, dance and fashion, which has become unpopular with the inhabitants of Africa and to present it in a cosmopolitan manner that will make it acceptable to all.
MARE CARNIVAL (ENTOFUM – “which means don’t fall”): The festival features mountain climbing, marathons, hiking competitions, music, dance, a beauty pageant and an African styled carnival.
African World Airline (AWA) is the official Airline while Volta Hotel, Royal Senchi Hotel, Best Western Premier Hotel are the official Hoteliers of Motherland beckons in Ghana. Airtel Networks is the official Telecoms Company. Motherland Beckons is in partnership with the Nigerian Ministry of Information & Culture.
To get a special invitation to this event, please contact the following numbers: +234803 094 8330 or +234 807 669 6564.



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    This is amazing, never knew such a site exists in Ghana. I’m gonna be there…

  3. Shina Aje says:

    Great destination!

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    Booked my space already, N190 for 2 nights. So excited.

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    We are all going to be there7

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