Brymo Sparks Controversy with Shocking Revelations on Intimate Collaborations with Female Artists

Controversial Nigerian artist Brymo has once again sparked a firestorm of divided attention due to his latest unpopular antics. Recently, he took to Twitter and made a shocking revelation about attempting to have intimate relations with female artists to supposedly strengthen their creative connection before collaborating with them.

It all began when a fan suggested that Brymo should have been featured on Adekunle Gold’s album. In response, Brymo revealed that Adekunle Gold had indeed reached out to him for a collaboration in the past, which never materialized. However, in the same tweet, he also disclosed that he had made a proposition to collaborate with Simi, with the condition that they become intimate first. According to Brymo, this intimacy was meant to enhance the intensity of their musical collaboration.

Following the backlash from his initial tweet, Brymo posted another tweet expressing remorse for demanding sex from Simi in exchange for collaboration. He clarified that his intention was not to demand such favors but to experience making music with a female artist he was involved with romantically. He also admitted to making a similar proposition to Simi.

In a voice note attached to one of his tweets, Brymo explained that he eventually backed off from his demands after seeing Simi and Adekunle Gold together. He reiterated that he never intended to force anyone into anything, but rather, he sought a unique musical experience.

Adekunle Gold responded to Brymo’s tweet, cautioning him against disrespecting his wife and family and urging him to seek help.

Brymo’s revelation sparked significant criticism on Twitter, with users pointing out the troubling issue of some men in the music industry using their position to demand sexual favors from female artists in exchange for collaborations or other opportunities. The incident has ignited discussions about the need for greater respect and equality in the music industry.