Entertainment BURNA BOY!! Little Fame Is Getting Into His Head, We Need To End Him Before He Does This To Nigerians

Ever since a particular artiste sang what we refer to as the biggest song last year, remember the song’s success was influenced by a famous American artist who dropped an album with the same title.

The song blew up and this particular Nigerian artiste was going crazy because the whole world was streaming and buying his song. He celebrated this feat on social media.

You all know this artiste we’re referring to is Burna Boy.

In 2018, the hype about Burna Boy was high. He became the most hyped Nigerian artiste, he sold the most expensive regular tickets, Burna Live.

His concert had regular tickets going for 15k. We did not complain, people paid, because he was your favorite and everyone wants to see him perform Ye.

The supposed biggest hit of the year, over Soco which had more streams and more views on YouTube.


Now earlier this year after Coachella announced him as an artist that will be performing at the festival, he complained about the small fonts he was given, calling himself the African Giant, reffering to everyone who criticized him as backward, unprogressive fools, the same people who bought the tickets to his shows.

Burna boy went on peacefully with his life afterwards, performed at the small font event, Coachella and also went on a tour around selected venues in the united states.

HE INSULTED WIZKID, DAVIDO, & TIWA SAVAGE.Now, he’s back again, this time shading his fellow artists, Wizkid, Davido and Tiwa savage he said he feels sorry for them, saying they signed slavery international deals.

The same artists who supported him when he wanted to release his last album outside. Tiwa savage, Wizkid and Mr Eazi were all in London to support Burna Boy at his album listening party.


Now, Burna Boy shaded Mayorkun for celebrating his album 70 million streams claiming it’s not a reflection of talent and hardwork.

Burna Boy is the same artist who almost ran mad when Ye started gaining streams worldwide. And we have to wonder why Burna Boy after been on the receiving end of fame and popularity has changed completely, we shouldn’t celebrate our wins again?That’s a depressing statement coming from Burna Boy and it shows how proud he is after getting just a little period of fame.




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