From Studio to Streaming: Choosing a distributor for your music

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Independent artists have more options than ever before to distribute their music to streaming platforms and digital retailers. These “options” are sometimes known as digital aggregators or distributors, and they serve as intermediaries between musicians and online music retailers. They primarily serve the purpose of distributing the artist’s music to online retailers and collecting streaming royalties. The majority of music distributors run on a subscription-based business model, allowing artists to release as much music as they like for an annual or monthly cost. Our top two choices for music distributors for independent artists are DistroKid and Ditto Music, but there are other options available as well.

DistroKid is a widely popular music distribution service for independent artists, known for its affordable pricing and easy-to-use platform. With a simple upload process and unlimited distribution for a flat yearly fee, DistroKid has become a go-to option for many independent musicians. In addition to distribution, DistroKid also offers features such as customizable hyperfollow pages, YouTube and TikTok monetization, and a split feature for collaborative releases. Their pricing structure is as follows: $22.99 for 1 artist, $39.99 for 2 artists adding more features than the first plan, and $89.99 for 5 -100 artists including more features than the first two plans.

Ditto Music is a well-known music distribution platform for independent artists, offering a range of services to help musicians get their music onto major online stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Like other music distributors, Ditto Music charges a fee for its services, but it also offers some unique features, such as personalized support, daily sales data, and customizable release dates. Their pricing plan currently includes $12.99 for 1 artist, $19.99 for 2 artists adding more features than the first plan, and $45 – $189.99 for 5 – 40 artists including more features than the first two plans.

For artists just starting out and don’t have money to subscribe to platforms like Ditto and DistroKid, there are other music distributors who provide free distribution in exchange for a percentage of your royalties. Popular distributors operating this freemium model include Amuse, Routenote and OneRPM.

Ultimately, the choice of music distributor will depend on the specific needs and goals of the independent artist. It’s important to research and compare the various features, pricing, and services offered by each distributor to find the best fit for the individual’s needs.

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