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March 29th, 2019 | by Xploremuzic

Generous people have an attitude of giving their time, money, talent etc.

It is a spirit which is part of ones character. You are generous when you consider others as you would want others to consider you.Generous people are always looking for an opportunity to impact others in such a way that change can take place, they see what a person can be rather than what they presently are.
Any nation that has the poor as a majority has not been teaching generosity.

Prosperity is a by – product of generosity if Nigeria can develop the culture of real generosity, the poor should be developed and this in turn will increase the middle class. This will creat more jobs and with their income which they spend, a pool of buyers is created. When this duplicated, it will definitely make the nation prosperous.

We would always have the poor among us but they should never unmanageable portion of our society.

Helping people believe in themselves so they can overcome their circumstances is pure generosity. Look for potentials in others, concentrate on people’s best aspect.

Learn to be sensitive to other people’s needs, offer hope and possibilities where necessary.

Be willing to share your knowledge and experience so as to elevate others.

If you hold on to the seed instead of releasing it, there will be no  harvest in the future .

“By watering others you will water yourself”.

Ezinne Ewubor




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