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why I had wanted to take my life – Mo’ cheddah

November 30th, 2018 | by Jesse Ifeanyi
why I had wanted to take my life – Mo’ cheddah

Module – Oreoluwa Oyeyemi, popularly known as Mo’ cheddah has revealed how she battled depression due to the hostility and also the hate she experienced in the Music Industry.

The industry was hostile. I would be performing and they would turn off my microphone because the A – list artist doesn’t like me, she said.

She also stated that she did not fully understood why people did not want to hear her side of the story when she left knighthouse records.

The singer left knighthouse records in February 2012 due to some irreconcilable differences, and formed her own record label Mo’ cheddah music.

She also said “the day I won the channel O award, that was around when Twitter came out and people I knew started dragging me online. “people started asking why I won the award, people were questioning me and carrying stories around me.

What broke me when I left my label,  people chose to pick sides and it wasn’t mine,  “they started bad – mouthing me to people, to companies, to producers,  so I was kind of blacklisted.

“they wanted to do everything in their power to ruin me and I felt God forsook me, sadness consumed me,” she said.

The only reason I did not commit suicide was because I didn’t know how to do it. I thought about it so many times, “all I had to do was understand that so long as I was at peace with this person, every other things will be OK,  I like to be happy” she said.

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