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8 Male Artists Who Have Lost Their “Ginja”

September 15th, 2016 | by Jesse Ifeanyi
8 Male Artists Who Have Lost Their “Ginja”

There is nothing more disturbing than that essential masterpiece of an artiste who churned out hits after hits suddenly deciding its okay to go on self-retirement without prior notice, so to speak.

For this post, we will be talking about the top ten singers, who once ruled their chart but in recent years have succeeded in losing their way. Yes, due to their passion for the craft, they have tried to put out some NEW stuff which never did latch on instead, gave us an underwhelming and disturbing feeling of being savagely raped/robbed, with a few making matters worse with awkward resuscitating collaborations. Maybe its time to yell out in Simi’s voice, STOP, but again, should we? I for one would love to hear new stuff from a few of them.

Nuff said, here are the top ten……



This legend has one of hip hop’s memorable voices. Right from his times as one third of the boy group, Plantashan Boys, back in the 2000’s, Tuface, stood out. His fame and prominence blew to a greater height upon going solo, dropping highly successful albums which held within it massive hits such as ‘African Queen’ an evergreen track that stamped an imaginary approval on his forehead as ‘The Voice Of Africa’ Tuface reigned supreme and rode on the back of success; headlining shows, dropping hits, doing international collaborations e.t.c until he drove off the road of success. With each release this one time sensational artiste seems to be going on a downward spiral on charts and seems to bee finding it difficult to release another iconic love song or even any love song that will move us the way his old ones did back then. It now seems even the shows and endorsement and achievements  Tubaba, has snagged over the years seems like he got them through pity or past glory.

Terry G

He alone could magically sing the same melody, change up the lyrics and titles, stamp a new name on it and have millions swoon over it like it was a different song entirely, yes, he is the akpako master, and for years, we reveled in his madness alongside, enjoying every bit of freedom he placed on our laps without as much as feeling like we might need to have a me talk time. For years, Terry G, dished out hits, collaborated on successful songs, landed the biggest shows, topped charts e.t.c until in recent year, he suddenly fell out of the surface of the earth [so it seems] the once vibrant, carefree, highly successful speaking in not tongue genius, now is a shadow of his vibrant musically self. He now does club shows and even free shows all in dire need of staying relevant. Here is a thought, how about get a song writer, record a brilliantly hyper-active song, and put it out for your fans and no….nuff with the gospel, my life ish storytelling babbling , because every other sad act out there seems to be doing it doesn’t make it cool or appreciated.



For years, 9ice gave us memorable hooks delivered in same memorable vocals communicated in of course the memorable language, Yoruba. His first two albums, Certificate and Gongo Aso, had singles which not only topped charts but also electrified it, these albums were basically an avenue for spawning hits. Like I said in my last post, 9ice’s music was basically the soundtrack to some people’s life as he had tracks which were not only relatable but singalongs. His emergence on the scene was like a breath of fresh air in and out of the music industry. Fast forward to his marital woes and split from ID Cabasa, everything turned grey and like the trooper that he is, he struggled to remain relevant by releasing song after song, forgetting that there was a reason why he was loved back then. Sometimes the secret isn’t about the medium of communication sir. Find this fault and please make us all dance and sing like we no one is watching.



Someone type in Ketchup singer on google and see what brings up. In as much as I want to really go in on this artistes, I feel the first story you find about him on google says it all…perhaps he has been that way for a very long time now.

Dammy Krane

Video thumbnail for youtube video VIDEO: Dammy Krane Performs “My Dear” For EgoFixTV « tooXclusive

Fine faced boy in Chidinma’s  {Story for another day]defining track Kedike,we all coveted and literary drooled over when he finally dropped his own songs. He has released single, which when put together should be an album and he has lit hearts, charts and stages with some of them. Krane, who hit the limelight in 2012, same year he was signed and released his first song titled, ‘My Dear’ was nominated in the  ‘Next Rated’ artiste category at that year’s Headies. Fast forward to 2016 armed with ‘xteristics of a silly/jaw dropping body of work’, it seems all  Dammy Krane needed was four years to redefine the grace to grass story he so effortlessly created with his sound.

Wande Coal


His stint on Olamide’s Who You Epp made me wonder if he was cool with his career aging reversely, like really did he not think he sounded silly voicing that part on the track? Now, we all know Wande, is a phenomenal act, from the start of his career, he had always shone above the rest. From his dancing stint to his entrance into the Mo’Hit’s fold, Wande Coal ensured he was ‘epically’ felt on any track he laced with his vocals, rangng from hits like ‘Bumper to Bumper’, ‘Ololofe’, ‘Taboo’, ‘You Bad’, ‘Pere’, amongst several others. Then he left Mo’Hits, joined Mavins but soon, stormed out of the label, this was after surviving  his album being delayed at Mo’Hits. Dripping off betrayal and failed promises, Wande Coal gradually slipped off our radar with his desire for doing songs that are just like the subscription I have at home, BASIC.



Yes, we get it marriage is very important in a man’s life but again, should that be the reason for the creativity which at a time gushed out in torrents to now be reduced to a trickle/ Bez, is one of the super talented Nigerian acts, who do not rely on just their vocals, which by the way, he seems to have in all folds and shades, but puffed up with a mastery of some musical instruments.  His brand of music can only be described as unusual as with justa  single album, ‘Super Sun’, he managed to secure a place in the hearts of the millions whose souls are embedded in hip hop, fuji and alternative sounds. His song, ‘Stupid Song’ went on to top charts and snag awards, placing him in shows and tours which were highly successful until it all came to a ‘one minute Randomic halt‘ which further buttressed my issue.

Sean Tizzle

Sean Tizzle

February 22, 2013, this music maniac dropped what I call a different kind of single for a newbie, he dropped Sho Lee, sung in Yoruba, enjoyed tremendously well by the Hausas, Gbagis and Fulanis, true story, I was in the north when this song dropped and boy, did it rock Jos town. Now, if a song like that can rock a non-speaking Yoruba town, one can only imagine the welcoming havoc it wrecked in places like Lagos, Ibadan and the rest. Not stopping there, Sean Tizzle, went on to drop several other hits until in recent years he decided its better to be a bad Impression of Toke Makinwa added with the better version of Seyi Shay. There is a reason why we allowed him steal our hearts, he made MUSIC, he kept it originally simple yet epic and all of a sudden it seems that part of him has been toned off. Do some good music, hell just do something, in your case simple does it.

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