A Decade of African Music Excellence: AFRIMMA 2023 Awards Ceremony Set to Shine

The highly anticipated African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) 2023 is gearing up for its monumental 10th edition, commemorating a decade of extraordinary African music. This prestigious event aims to honor the remarkable achievements of our African music ambassadors in a grandiose fashion.

AFRIMMA is dedicated to pushing boundaries with music and aims to build upon the success of its previous ceremonies. As stated by Anderson Obiagwu, the President of AFRIMMA Board, this year’s event promises to be the most magnificent yet. With African music reaching new milestones over the past ten years, it’s only fitting to celebrate with great enthusiasm.

The extravaganza kicks off with the AFRIMMA Fashion Show, scheduled to take place on September 16 at the illustrious FiveAM Theatre. World-renowned fashion houses will grace the glamorous stage, creating another historic moment for the AFRIMMA Fashion Show.

The main award ceremony will be held on September 17 at the iconic Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, Texas. In addition to the prestigious awards, attendees can look forward to engaging in the highly anticipated AFRIMMA Music Panel, a recurring highlight of the event.

AFRIMMA stands as the premier African award ceremony in the diaspora, shining a spotlight on African music stars on the global stage. Since its inception in 2014, this vibrant celebration has been instrumental in helping African artists transcend borders through their music. Covering an array of musical genres, including Afrobeats, Assiko, Bongo, Decale, Highlife, Funaná, Genge, Hiplife, Kwaito, Lingala, and Soukous, AFRIMMA continues to shape a beautiful narrative for African music.

Join us in September as we unite to honor the exceptional talents, remarkable achievements, and the sheer diversity of African music at the AFRIMMA 2023 Awards ceremony. It’s a celebration not to be missed!