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August 22nd, 2016 | by Jesse Ifeanyi

Following the expiration of his two year contract with YBNL in May, it seems the headies next rated awards nominee’s music career has gone cold somewhat.

Nigerian singer and songwriter Keshinro Ololade, popularly known as his stage name Lil Keshi, started his music career in 2012 while rapping among his peers in Baringa, where he was raised.
He soon attained some fame following the release of his single ‘Lyrically’

After signing with Olamide’s label, YBNL in April 2004,  he released a number of popular singles including ‘shoki’ ‘gbese’  and ‘efejoku’ to further garner more popularity.
Along with nominations for several awards, its quite obvious that Lil Kesh has experienced a rapid climb in the Nigerian music industry.

This rapid rise saw him shockingly depart from  YBNL to form his own record label, Y.A.G.I (Young And Getting It). But since doing so, it can be said that the buzz he once had has began to fade.
The talented singer has dropped some passable songs ‘ kojo’ Lori Standing ‘ and ‘ bend down select ‘ all of which have similar style with his previous hit songs yet aren’t breaking grounds like those hits.
The singer even released the video of one of his songs ‘ problem child and tagged YBNL and YAGI, just to let fans know the bond between both labels still exists. But it seems the fans are having a hard time coming to terms with his new direction.
Perhaps its too early to believe Mr YAGI’s career has taken a knock,  just as it is important to commend him for taking such bold step in starting his own record label.
But then, Kesh still has a very long way to go and needs to act quickly in order to keep up with the industry and become major player in it.

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